meditation coaching

six weeks to jumpstart, deepen, and grow your practice



  • Six weeks

  • Personalized individual instruction

  • Readings and resources

  • Digital workbook

  • Support and accountability


Get ready to deepen and grow your meditation practice.


• Dedicated daily practice • Weekly meetings with Alison • Writing assignments • Recommended readings • Open to transformation • $3,000


Week 1: Getting Started Making Space and Creating a Daily Practice - Instruction: Concentration and Awareness Practices - Stabilizing the mind, shifting into consciousness Week 2: Making Aspirations and Setting Intentions - Instruction: Consistency, and Momentum, Reacting and Responding - Focus on foundational meditation practice Week 3: Meditation as Exploration - Instruction: Links Between Thoughts, Emotions, Actions, and Habits - Focus on disrupting and replacing unhelpful thought loops Week 4: Discovering Panoramic Perspectives - Instruction: Equanimity, Contentment, and Inner Peace (really!) - Focus on crafting a solid and flexible meditation practice Week 5: Integration and Mindfulness - Instruction: Integrating Your Practice - Focus on mindfulness and being fully present Week 6: Reflection and Refinement - Instruction: Practice Makes Practice - Focus on moving forward and sustainable practice

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"Alison is a tremendous teacher: skilled, deeply knowledgeable, accessible, and real. She was the perfect facilitator for me!"

"Alison is an excellent teacher who leads her students on a journey of self-discovery, helping them find the practice that makes sense for them rather than presenting a one-size-fits-all model of meditation." 

“I saw an integration that wasn’t always there before. In the past I often saw my practice as something I did to help me process life, but I see now that my practice and life have become one-in-the same, they’ve melded into one. My practice has penetrated my day-to-day life and given a fullness to it.”

“Alison's meditation coaching was phenomenal! I went from thinking I would never be successful at maintaining my own meditation practice... to having a daily practice and feeling comfortable facilitating meditation for others. 

It was a great experience!”

"The most helpful aspect of the program was the ability to openly discuss with Alison my concerns, struggles and practices without feeling 'bad' or 'uncomfortable.' I felt like I had a true spiritual leader on this journey with me and that helped me truly evolve."

"I learned mindfulness techniques that fit into my daily life and resonate with my lived experience... without having to set aside any part of my identity in order to 'do it right.' I felt both supported and challenged in the class-- the sweet spot where I can learn most effectively!"