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classes, workshops, and one-on-one coaching

Alison Laichter’s meditation programs are designed to deepen or jumpstart your practice

through instruction, expert guidance, personalized tools for contemplative reflection, and serious transformation. Also, it's a good time.

One-on-one Meditation Coaching

Six weeks of personalized instruction with readings and resources, a digital workbook, support and accountability.

Get ready to deepen and grow your meditation practice.

With over 25 years of study, practice and teaching, Alison has taught thousands of people, of all ages, how to meditate and how to craft a personal practice. 

Her specialty is people who are too busy, teens, creatives, and stressed out parents. 


Parenting as a Meditation Practice

Stay tuned for details about upcoming programs:

  • New 8-week Community Series - weekly live sessions with likeminded parents

  • Online, self-paced 90-minute course (currently in development!)

  • 1-hour webinar with live Q&A (join live or watch the replay video)

  • One-on-one coaching and meditation instruction

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Meditation Classes and Events

Stay tuned for upcoming programming:

  • Beginner and "advanced" meditation

  • Building a daily meditation practice

  • Holiday and seasonal workshops

  • Retreats (yay!)

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"I just did a 'parenting as meditation' workshop

with Alison and it was amazeballs.

She's informal, approachable, quick and dirty,

deep and wise."


—  Deanna


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