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Alison Laichter’s meditation programs are designed to jumpstart your practice through instruction, guidance,

and personalized tools for contemplative reflection and transformation.


Meditation 1O1

Six weeks of focused daily practice

Weekly worksheets and recommended books, articles, and resources

Weekly 1-hour instruction and check-ins with Alison online or by phone


Sliding Scale: $600 - $1200

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Single Session

One 60-minute coaching session

Best for past students who have a specific question or want a practice

"tune up" with check-in

One follow up email exchange with notes and recommended resources


biggest sunflower I've ever seen #sunflo

For more information about upcoming classes, the Meditation 1O1 program,

or private coaching, send Alison an email.

"The most helpful aspect of the program was the ability to openly discuss with Alison my concerns, struggles and practices without feeling "bad" or "uncomfortable." I felt like I had a true spiritual leader on this journey with me and

that helped me truly evolve."

—  Heather W.