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classes, workshops, and coaching

Alison Laichter’s meditation programs are designed to deepen or jumpstart your practice

through instruction, expert guidance, personalized tools for contemplative reflection, and serious transformation. Also, it's a good time.



Meditation Coaching

Join Alison for six weeks of personalized and individual instruction, readings and resources,

digital workbook, support and accountability.

Are you ready to finally cultivate your own

nourishing and sustainable meditation practice?

Let’s go!

Limited spots, click below for all the details.


The Practice of Parenting

six weeks of meditation coaching for new(ish) parents

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and reactive with your kids and your self? Learn how to make parenting your meditation practice. In this transformational 6-week small group program, you'll  learn meditation and mindfulness practices that integrate and elevate your experience as a parent, workshopping how to weave together real parenting challenges and meditation to explore your own personal version of the practice of parenting. 

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Classes and Events

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"I just did a 'parenting as meditation' workshop

with Alison and it was amazeballs.

She's informal, approachable, quick and dirty,

deep and wise."


—  Deanna N.


for more information about upcoming classes, meditation coaching programs,

or to collaborate on something new!

Looking forward to chatting soon!

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